Like a Mother: May 22nd at 7:30pm

Hosted By Bushwick Book Club
Original music inspired by Angela Garbes’
Like A Mother

Hold on tight! Seattle author Angela Garbes digs into the wild world of pregnancy science, culture, industry and beyond.

“Garbes unpacks reams of pregnancy advice, often absurd in its conflicting demands. Like a Mother gave me a toolkit for approaching a hoped-for future.” —Huffington Post

Performers include Sierra Golden, Jaspar Lepak, Sean Morse, Avery Hill, Tai Shan, Mägi Ensemble, Tara Ward and host Melissa Montalto. With the author herself, Angela Garbes!

Virtual Mägi Ensemble

Spes by Mia Makaroff
“If we disappear, so what? We were small from the
beginning. That liberates us to live to the fullest and be ourselves the short time we exist….This humility and understanding is the key for the hope of mankind.” -Mia Makaroff