GiveBIG for Mägi Ensemble


We live in a unique time. We are inundated by daily news and global events that raise questions about the stability of our global community and ability to maintain important relationships with nations around the world. Today, we offer you an exciting opportunity to be a part of making a step towards a more peaceful, united, and understanding world. Please consider making a difference in the world by donating to the Mägi Ensemble during the Seattle Foundation’s GiveBIG event on Wednesday, May 9th.

We will tour the Baltics in the Summer of 2018, during which the group will have exciting cultural exchange opportunities with composers and choirs alike. We are the first non-Latvian ensemble ever to be featured at the Small Ensemble Sacred Music concert at the Latvian National Song Festival.  We are also honored to participate in Lithuanian National Song festival in Vilnius during this tour. These are prestigious honors for the Mägi Ensemble and we’re excited to be sharing them with our supporters.

To GiveBIG directly to us, please follow the link below.

You can pre-schedule your donation now and your donation will be automatically scheduled for May 9!

We look forward to serving as proud ambassadors of Seattle and the United States to the Baltic region and participating in cultural exchange that is important and meaningful for all of us. Thank you for support of this important trip and for your generous donation to the Mägi Ensemble.