Welcome to the new site

We’ve moved the Mägi Ensemble website to WordPress. Welcome to the new site!

Here is what we have been up to since the CMS National Conference and our Homecoming Concert.

On November 13, we performed at the Latvian Christmas Bazaar.  Our hosts made us feel very welcome, and we had fun sampling the food and shopping for presents after our set.

On November 26, we performed at Annex Theatre as part of their Flinch/Punch series.  Heather gave a brief presentation discussing how the Baltic countries used songs to unite during the Singing Revolution and highlighting the metaphors used in those songs to demonstrate their love for their homeland while getting past the Russian censors.  The Mägi Ensembles hopes to continue to use song as a way to stay positive and unite people in our community.

In December, we started rehearsing new music in anticipation of recording and performing in the spring.

In January, Heather travelled to Estonia to visit Ester Mägi and attend a concert honoring Ester’s 95th birthday.  While in Tallinn, the Estonian National Radio interviewed Heather about the Mägi Ensemble, which you can listen to here! After spending time in Tallinn, Heather visited our friends in Riga, Latvia, and donated a copy of I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings to the National Library of Latvia for their “Special Book for a Special Shelf” campaign to be included on the People’s Bookshelf.  She pulled this quote for her inscription: “May our songs be strong and may our hearts always be open.”

January also marked 5 years of the Mägi Ensemble being an ensemble.  Hopefully, our path will lead to many more.